Team + Advisors

Hash3 is a hands-on investment firm. We help our founders win with a set of exceptional advisors who are incentivized to help our portfolio overcome distinct early stage challenges.


Hootie Rashidifard

Founder + Managing Partner

Prior to Hash3, Hootie spent five years at Canaan Partners, where he invested in crypto and fintech. He also launched and co-led the firm’s seed vehicle, Canaan Beta, investing in Skale Labs, Tari/Yat, Commonwealth, Superplastic, and On Deck. Prior to investing, he spent time on the business operations team at LinkedIn and as a tech investment banker. He holds a B.A. in Mathematics and Economics from Northwestern University.

Hootie is an angel investor in EigenLayer, Utopia Labs, Burrata, and Llama, among others. He has written publicly about his investment framework and personal background.


Surojit Chatterjee

Chief Product Officer @ Coinbase

Gokul Rajaram

Exec @ DoorDash
Board Member @ Coinbase + Pinterest

Ramani Ramachandran

Founder @ Router Protocol
Founder @ Dfyn

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