We are a hands-on investment firm that helps our founders win with a set of exceptional advisors, incentivized to help our portfolio overcome distinct early stage challenges.


Surojit Chatterjee
Former Chief Product Officer @ Coinbase

Yuga Cohler
Engineer @ Coinbase

Corey Miller
Product @ dYdX

Gokul Rajaram
Exec @ DoorDash
Board Member @ Coinbase + Pinterest

Ramani Ramachandran
Founder @ Router Protocol
Founder @ Dfyn


Hootie Rashidifard:
- Founder
- Managing Partner

Prior to Hash3, Hootie spent five years at Canaan Partners, where he invested in crypto and fintech. He also launched and co-led the firm’s seed vehicle, Canaan Beta, investing in Skale Labs, Tari/Yat, Commonwealth, Superplastic, and On Deck.

Prior to investing, he spent time on the business operations team at LinkedIn and as a tech investment banker. He holds a B.A. in Mathematics and Economics from Northwestern University.

Hootie is an angel investor in EigenLayer, Monad, Utopia Labs,
and Llama, among others. He has written publicly about his personal background.