We partner with entrepreneurs that are building or leveraging trust-minimized networks to architect the future digital landscape. Our diligence process evaluates opportunities based on six investment criteria:

      1. What is the founder’s unique insight and why is it substantiated?
      2. Can the founder sell the mission/vision?
      3. Is the product market expansive or creative?
      4. Is the product magical?
      5. What is the compounding advantage?
      6. Why now?

More detail can be found on the investment framework here. We invest at the earliest stages of company creation and are proud supporters of the following teams.

Permissionless, governance-free, oracle-free lending protocol

Equalizing opportunity for all through games

A new peer-to-peer architecture for decentralized apps

Digital asset recovery and cybersecurity

The easiest way to buy NFTs

Encrypted wallet-to-wallet messaging

Connect, deploy, and monitor web3 apps

Accelerating institutional participation in web3 with high fidelity insights

The open protocol for venture capital

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